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Bootstrap Graphic Designing

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Bootstrap Graphic Designing
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Includes Private Label Rights

 Boost Your Overall Conversion Rates By Having Pro Class Designed Images Without Having To Break Your Budget Or Skipping Your Monthly Bills!

With this powerful video training course you will learn:
  •  The ins and outs of the minefield of the many different graphics formats, and when to use each of them.
  •  Where to get the software, legally for free, without waiting for the knock of the FBI on your front door. 
  •  How to install and optimise your graphics software package
  •  Step by step around the system - you may chuckle at my voice because I'm a Brit ;-)
  •  Step by step, how to professionally edit existing .PSD (PhotoShop format) graphics  to make 'em unique.
  •  Step by step, how to create your very own professional looking headers etc
  •  Everything you need to know to start designing professional looking graphics for your website  . . . . .or your customer's websites. .
              And lots more . . .
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